Loaded Tesseract Decks


Stash the quiver, clear your mind.

Let the new Loaded Tesseract be your versatile companion in the quest for four-wheeled illumination. The Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, and techy manual combos.


  • Length: 39"
  • Width: 9.5"
  • Wheelbase: 24.5" and 26"
  • Deck Weight: 2.2 Kg’s
  • Profile: Concave

The need to explore the unconventional in skateboarding has influenced Loaded's designs over the years the Chubby Unicorn , a downhill board with the intention to ollie and flip and the Kanthaka with a double-kick with the ability to slide and blast down hills were created.

Constant swapping, chopping, tweaking, and re-drilling revealed the opportunity for expansion. The parameters of the Tesseract were decided upon iteratively, and a lot of time was spent exploring exotic materials and constructions resulting in a stiff, light, and damp board.

Two layers of custom fibreglass/epoxy skins sandwich two vertically-laminated bamboo cores to create a stiff yet light and damp structure. Laminated to the bottom of the board is a layer of cork which provides vibration damping and much to Loaded's surprise, offered a significant level of durability. The granular, non-directional structure of the cork helps prevent abrasive damage from propagating.


Rocker: Symmetrical rocker throughout the deck cups the outer edges of your feet and creates a subtle locked-in sensation, helping you stay firmly planted in slides and facilitating confident and natural movement up and down the length of the board. Additionally, rocker slightly lowers your center of gravity for enhanced stability.

Wheel Well Flares: The Tesseract features flared wheel wells that increase wheel clearance and also create surface transitions that provide lateral and longitudinal support for your feet, both inside the trucks and on the kicktails. These flares promote board awareness and keep your feet locked into a compound contoured pocket while sliding, cornering, and tucking.

W Concave: We've designed the Tesseract with an intuitive W concave to enhance rider control in all toeside manoeuvres. The central hump is tall yet wide, providing strong lateral support near the transitions without compromising arch comfort. This design allows the inside edges of your feet to nestle up against the W while also allowing the outside of your foot to rest in a more radial dish just behind the flared wheel wells.

Kicktails: Designed to satiate both freeride and freestyle appetites, the Tesseract is endowed with tailored kicktails to get the job done with gusto. The width has been dialled in to provide exceptional toe and heel edge control, and the length and upturned tips generate powerful pop and accommodate the entire width of your foot. Subtle dished concave keeps your shoes glued to the board.

Variable Wheelbase: The Tesseract offers both 24.5" and 26" wheelbase options, allowing you to fine tune your setup based on your riding style and specific truck geometry. Move your axles in for quicker pop, increased agility, higher traction, and lower swing weight; move them out for greater stability and more lean.

RRP: £189.95