Loaded Overland Deck

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The Overland board was tested and reviewed by Thrill Magazine in the August 2014 edition of the publication. In case you missed it, here is a little something to keep you going;

Bridging the gap between the Kanthaka and the Tesseract, the Overland is Loaded's brilliant answer to the all-round shredding board. It functions superbly as a bowl/techslide board with TKP trucks and hard wheels but equally it can transform into a freeride machine with a simple change over to some RKP trucks and softer wheels!

The idea of this board is that it can tackle any terrain. Whether I was nipping into town to the post office, going out for a session at the local skatepark or tearing down one of the local hills, this board was totally ready for the job and gave me such a thrill. The board only weighs 1.6kg which, combined with the super functional kick tails, make everything from a drain cover to a stair set into an obstacle that has to be shredded! The graphic is super stylish and the urethane base is super durable and ribbed for your pleasure to keep things interesting.


  • Length: 37"
  • Wheelbase: 20.75"
  • Width: 9.5"

The Overland takes its name from a major avenue in the LA Westside connecting Culver City in the south with Rancho Park in the north. The board's graphic is an illustration of this region (with the Loaded office highlighted in red). The textured pattern in the urethane bottom sheet is a topographical map showing the undulating elevation gradients in Loaded's backyard.

This new Overland deck from Loaded is a perfect all rounder. Sitting happily between the riders wanting a shorter, technical deck with a double kick and those who are looking for a lean, mean, downhill freeriding machine! Mild wheel-well flares, and a concave deck ensure a comfortable stance on the Overland is yours, with a beefy kicktail and steeper nose give a crisp pop and provides more leverage for ollies, slides and manuals. With a subtle, tapered waist and directional shape, the Overland helps with quick back foot changes from rail to rail and accentuates the rear wheel-well flares., while a moderately stiff flex allows for responsive turning.

RRP: £149.95