Loaded Boards

Loaded enjoy what they do, they love to challenge each other and their worldwide audience.

The guys at Loaded love skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, and rather than "fight over market share", they would rather look on other longboarding brands as partners and work with them to expand the growing community together.

The shops that specialise in board sports also have a place in the hearts of the Loaded team as they feel they are the "heart and soul of the culture of board riding" and are committed to working with these partners for continued, long term success.

In early 1995, trying to mimic the rush of snowboarding on pavement, the Loaded shortboards got less and less play time, while they experimented with more stable wheelbases and any funky truck they could get their hands on and pretty much any material they could put trucks on.

Loaded were looking for a lively, precisely tuned and responsive ride, old snowboards soon found themselves being reincarnated with trucks and wheels attached. Loaded continue on with their quest to build lively boards capable of skating bigger hills with enhanced control.

Two years were dedicated to developing these boards. It was challenging, and Loaded enlisted and ended up frustrating many of the greatest minds in skate-boarding and snowboarding. Trying to get the wood and fibreglass to conform to the compound contours was an affront to physics, and Loaded were told that the boards couldn't be done with the curvatures as pronounced as what they were looking for. But it was done, and the first ride made it clear that it should be done.